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Tips to know before going to the Doctor.
We know not everyone likes going to the doctor. Or maybe you are bringing your child to the
doctor for the first time. Here are a few helpful tips before going to the doctor.
Doctor Tip 1
  Ask your doctor about the medication they are prescribing you. Ask them if they know how much it costs and see if there is a generic form of it. Let them know if it is out of your price range so that they can prescribe something that is either cheaper – but still effective – or that your insurance will cover.
Doctor Tip 2
  Before going to visit the doctor, be sure you have a typed page of your entire health history. It can save you a lot of time and frustration in trying to remember everything.
Doctor Tip 3
  It is not recommended to talk to your child in advance about going to the doctor. It produces anxiety and fear. Be honest with what will happen, but don't focus on the less-desirable things such as shots or getting undressed.

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Doctor Tip 4
  Ask a lot of questions and be inquisitive. Doctors can use a lot of technical jargon. Ask them kindly to explain what they mean and to give examples. Ask them for additional literature if necessary. They usually have many brochures in their office that will help explain more about the condition discussed.
Doctor Tip 5
  If you feel uncomfortable with a particular doctor, do not hesitate to get dressed and leave. You owe them no explanation. Ultimately you have your own best interests to look out for. Trust your intuition!
Doctor Tip 6
  Its been said many times, but GET A SECOND OPINION! For bigger decisions and more complicated or involved diagnostics such as the need for surgery, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion from another doctor. This may just save you a lot of money and/or unnecessary anguish.
Doctor Tip 7
  Don’t forget to follow up with your doctor. Let them know if you have a question you thought of on your way home, or if you are having a reaction to the medication you are taking. If you don’t reach them, leave a message to have them call you back.
Doctor Tip 8
  Ask your doctor about clinical trials. There are some perks to being a part of a trial in that you might get paid to go see the doctor, or you could get your medications for free. Know too that, by your being in the trial, you are helping medical science learn more so they can help more people.
Doctor Tip 9
  Go over with your child what he or she might expect in the doctors office, like the doctor looking in their ears or gently putting a small wooden stick in their mouth. This will help prepare the child. It takes away some of the unknown and hence takes away some of the fear of visiting the doctor.
Doctor Tip 10
  Before you go to the doctor, make a list of what you would like to discuss. The doctor is usually on a tight schedule and the more organized you are, the more time you'll have with him/her.
Doctor Tip 11
  Make sure to follow any instructions your doctor gave you during the appointment, like taking medicine, scheduling a test or scheduling an appointment with a specialist. If you’re confused or if you've forgotten some information, it's ok to contact your doctor and ask.


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